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How It Works

Seed level funding for Healthcare IT and Life Sciences startups

Applying for seed funding at HERSS is a relatively simple process. We ask you to apply by filling out our online application form. Once we review it, we will request a conference call and may even make a site visit. Those companies we find to be the most promising, and who meet our investing criteria, are then further evaluated by our team. We make our funding decisions soon thereafter and take small equity positions in the companies we fund.

In most cases, HERSS tries hard to interfere as little as possible, from a governing management perspective, in the companies that we fund. We don't always require or necessarily want board seats, future funding rights, veto options in strategic matters, or any other kinds of control that investors sometimes require. We do advise and require our portfolio companies to provide us with regular updates and metrics on progress and performance.

One of the real benefits of the HERSS funding model is that it lets you sell your company early in the process. For some companies, it makes a lot of sense to sell while they're small or mid sized for an attractive purchase price. This allows them to take money off the table rather than raising more funding and adding additional risks. We find that every company is different though and we try to be as flexible as possible in our process.


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